Steve and Betsy met at San Jose State after serving in the Peace Corps—he in Honduras, she in Brazil. Fast forward past careers in social service, real-estate, and teaching, then a purchase of 57 acres in Napa Valley and viticulture training at Napa Valley College. The couple have planted 11 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon since 2000 and the rest is history. Todd Newman of Dakota Shy says, “Steve has a meticulous attention to detail. His very fine and very, very detailed approach allows us to come back year after year and better understand the growing scene. Steve has that passion in the vineyard like we have in the winery. It’s our favorite vineyard to work with. We actually do a single-vineyard bottling from the Moulds vineyard.”


With a dream of having a ranch where he felt confident making good decisions and achieving great results, Roberto Juarez’s dream has come true. Playing an integral part of the success of Moulds Family Vineyard as their Vineyard Manager, Roberto’s dedication is unparalleled. With an eagerness to constantly expand his knowledge, Roberto has found himself loving every opportunity he receives to learn something new or to teach others about the love he has for the Earth and the plants that are grown at Moulds Family Vineyard. 

Steve has contributed to the overall success of the Napa grape growing community in many ways. Among numerous achievements, Steve has exhibited a long-standing commitment to sustainable and high-quality farming practices, he has helped define the role of the Farmworker Foundation in educating and improving the lives of farmworkers throughout the valley, and his service to the Grapegrowers and other community organizations has been unparalleled.    – Paul Goldberg, Napa Valley Grapegrower VP


We purchased property in Napa Valley and repotted ourselves. Now, we are supplying Napa’s top wineries with premium Napa Valley Cabernet grapes. – Steve Moulds, Moulds Family Vineyard

Community & Service

Betsy and Steve are involved in the community in numerous ways including participating in the Napa Valley Grapegrowers, where Steve served as President; and the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation, where Steve served as President; the Napa County Housing Commission to provide affordable housing for farmworkers; FFA St. Helena High School; Men Who Give a Damn; Festival Napa Valley, and the annual Junior Livestock Auction, where Steve purchases several animals and donates the meat to the Napa County Farmworker Housing Centers; and the private “Clydesdales” biking group for 60+ year olds over 200 lbs, who ride 30 minutes on Fridays and then go to a nice restaurant to recover the calories lost pedaling. In 2018, Steve Moulds was honored to be awarded Grapegrower of the Year in Napa, CA.