Moulds Family Ranch


At Moulds Family Vineyard we’re proud of our team and the beautiful and delicious wine grapes we cultivate. We are delighted to care for one hundred olive trees of eight distinct varieties, fifty Meyer lemon trees, an eclectic collection of chickens and a two large vegetable garden plots. Each year you will find a pumpkin patch with Giant Pumpkins headed to the fairs in the Fall.


Moulds Family Vineyards operates with an underlying philosophy of sustainability, knowing that our very survival depends on a healthy ecosystem. We cultivate our grapes as a clear expression of OKD (Oak Knoll District American Viticultural Area of Napa Valley) and the terroir on the ranch. In this way, we support our winemaker partners, growing wine grapes that they can convert into outstanding wines for all to enjoy.


In two olive groves of 100 trees of which 14 trees over a century old, what began as a passion for exploring olive cultivation, has gradually developed into a viable olive oil production process. The wonderful and sustainable oils we grow can now be shared and brought to others’ tables.

This is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to our community the beauty and importance of sustainable olive tree cultivation and the delicious olives and olive oil that result. (We’ll even share a recipe for curing your own olives!)


Betsy’s love of the scent of citrus blossoms inspired her to plant two groves of lemon trees above the frost level along the ranch paths near their home. These 50 Meyer lemon trees produce stupendous lemons and many a refreshing pitcher of lemonade.


Beyond grapes, olives and lemons Moulds Family Vineyard is the home for delightful chickens, vegetable and lavender gardens, owl and blue bird boxes, bat houses, a patch of Giant pumpkins, and a sustainable/swimmable reservoir with blue gill and trout.